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Explore the offerings from the Best Tea company in India. Our product portfolio consists of some of the finest teas ranging from green tea to masala chai and instant premixes to organic infusions. Sugandh Tea Group is a leading Tea & Coffee Premix Manufacturer.

Sugandh Tea Gold

An exclusive and truly rich tea experience. Made in limited quantities only.

Availabe in 250g pack

Sugandh Tea Premium

Experience the unmatched quality and taste with Sugandh Premium Tea which rejuvenates your senses everytime you take a sip

Available in pack sizes: 250g, 500g & 1 Kg

Sugandh Masala Tea

A perfect blend of the finest tea leaves and real spices which gives you an aromatic and delicious cup

Available in pack sizes: Rs. 5/-, Rs. 10/-,  Rs. 20/-, 200g, 500g & 1 Kg

Sugandh Elaichi Tea

Made with real elaichi and premium quality teas, this blend is refreshing and tasty

Available in pack sizes: Rs. 10/-, Rs. 20/-, 200g, 500g & 1 Kg

Sugandh Special CTC Leaf Tea

Our value for money offering which tastes great and is easy on the pocket too!

Available in pack sizes: Rs. 10/-, Rs. 20/-, 250g & 1 Kg

Sugandh Tulsi Green Tea

A blend of finely crafted Green Tea and real Tulsi leaves with a twist of Ginger, this Tulsi tea is delicious and guilt free!

Available in Teabags & Loose Tin Pack

Sugandh Tea Vending Machines

Vending machines can serve a number of people in a few minutes. Moreover, it’s hygienic, cost effective and hassle free

Available in 2,3 and 4 Options

Sugandh Instant Premixes

Convenient, hassle free and easy to make, our premixes taste great while saving your time and effort. 

Available in Single Serve Sachets & 1 Kg Packs

Dezire Exquisite Teas

Dezire is a collection of speciality tea blends and functional teas made with all natural ingredients

Available in Teabags and Loose form