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About Sugandh Tea Group

Sugandh group began its journey in 1994 with the sole motive of delivering high quality teas and value for money to tea lovers. Combining unique flavours, local tastes, and family traditions, Sugandh transcends beyond tea. Rather, it is a tradition, an experience and a testament to India’s vast cultural plurality.

Sugandh has bench-marked a rich and successful experience in the field of tea production, blending and distribution. It aims at delivering the best quality aromatic teas at best prices to capacitate every individual to savour the tastiest teas consistent in high quality. All these years, our philosophy has remained unchanged.

Sugandh has its regional and sales offices in Delhi, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan with its products being available at more than 1,00,000 retail outlets in India.



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We produce high quality teas at our plantation in association, New Chumta Tea Garden in Siliguri, West Bengal

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We undertake tea manufacturing at our state of the art facility, Sugandh Tea Factory in Chechapara, West Bengal

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We undertake blending and packaging of multiple varieties of teas at our automated facility,  Sugandh Tea Factory in Delhi


Product Range
sugandh premium tea range

Sugandh has built one of the finest brand portfolios in the Indian tea market with a respectable name amongst tea connoisseurs. It offers Loose teas, tea bags, instant premixes and infusions.

Sugandh’s CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) tea range includes household names like Masala Tea, Elaichi Tea, Gold Tea, Premium Tea as well as Red Special, Yellow and Prime Tea. It offers Green Tea in various flavours and herbal infusions, ranging from Tulsi Ginger to Detox, Jasmine, Chamomile and Rose teas in staple free dip tea bags as well as loose tin packs.

Sugandh offers premium quality Assam & Darjeeling Orthodox teas, Earl Grey, Nilgiri teas as well as Oolong & White Teas.

Sugandh Instant Premix range includes Elaichi Tea, Masala Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Hot/Iced Lemon Tea and Coffee premix and are available in single serve sachets, bulk packs and jars. It also offers vending machines for office and institutional application.


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Get Tea packed in your own brand!
Contact us for Private label tea packaging or Contract manufacturing of tea.
Get Tea packed in your own brand!
Contact us for Private label tea packaging or Contract manufacturing of tea.